SOUL X-SHOCK Absolute True Wireless Earphone White

The X-SHOCK sport true wireless bluetooth earphone, tailor-made for an all-day listening experience. With auto pairing function, control music playlist and answer phone calls.


Extraordinary Sound Quality

Your Music Experience Matters

Full-bodied sound that combines deep, penetrating lows with wide-dispersing mids and highs. Despite its diminutive size, the X-SHOCK provides heavy bass courtesy of powerful 5.8mm drivers.


Natural Noise Isolation

Pure, Uninterrupted Sound

In addition to the comfort factor, the X-SHOCK's design and build also produce a natural noise isolation effect, which means all extraneous audio interference is kept to a minimum, allowing the signature SOUL sound to thrive. By guarding against unwanted ambient sound, our noise isolation technology enhances the audio experience.


Waterproof - Making a Splash

Double-injection Technology, One of the Best Water-Resistance Solutions

Nano-coating has become the standard industry technology for water resistance. By employing state-of-the-art double-injection molding, our earphones have raised the bar, guaranteeing an IPX5 water-resistance rating. In practical terms, this means the X-SHOCK is not just protected against the excess perspiration and extreme climate conditions that come with outdoor workouts. Once again, SOUL has fused audio quality with rugged-lifestyle durability to create the ultimate sports earphones.


SOUL X-SHOCK Absolute True Wireless Earphone White