MY FIRST BOOK 5 - FOOD (age 2-6)

My first book 5 Food

About This Book:

「Eating」 is a very important aspect of life. How to eat properly, healthily and beautifully is what our children should learn from an early age!

MY FIRST BOOK series is made of non-woven fabric with high-quality environmentally-friendly dyes. With bright colors, exquisite embroidery and soft hand-made texture, every food ingredient has close-to-real touch, which does not only enhance the authenticity of the materials, but also increase our children’s interest in them!

Open the book and oh! Flour has transformed into delicious biscuits, hot breads, and colorful cakes in the oven; colourful fruits like brown pineapples, green kiwis, red watermelons, and yellow lemons are cut into different shapes. Come and make them into fruit salads; delicious pasta is being fried by the chef, do you want some to eat? There is also a hot pizza. It is about to be ready. Give one piece to your father, one to mother, and the rest to your friends!

How dumplings are made? Chopped vegetables, onions, ginger and grounded meat are wrapped in dumpling skins. Done. That is simple, isn’t it?

When celebrating the Lunar New Year-Spring Festival, Chinese people, at home or abroad, love to pack dumplings in their own hands, and fill then with joy and heart.

Finally comes the vegetables. With skills experience, mom turns the vegetables into a warm and delicious dishes.

After reading all these above, are you feeling hungry? The charm of MY FIRST BOOK – FOOD is not only to make children feel “ah ~ look so real~”, but the magic is that our children readers can feel “ah ~ so hungry.” Provided with colorful pictures, our children will participate in different scenarios and interaction. The “delicious” pictures on each page let you and your children have a feeling of fullness in your body, mind and spirit.

Nutritious and delicious food is the daily needs of every child, giving us strength and health. Let’s explore the colorful, exquisite foods in MY FIRST BOOK. Learn to be grateful and thankful for food, develop good eating habits and learn to appreciate the effort of the farmers, chefs, father and mother!


My First Book contains lessons which are based upon empirical research in child psychology, particularly learning and cognitive development. It is key that your child’s mind is adequately stimulated during the critical first stages of cognitive development.

That is why My First Book’s central themes focus on developing your child’s curiosity, concentration and independent thinking all in a fun and structured format. My First Book can let your child lay the best foundation for their future growth and development.

MY FIRST BOOK 5 - FOOD (age 2-6)


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